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2016-08-25 ... 2016-08-28

On August 27 and 28 the National Military Museum at Soesterberg organizes a large tank event. Over 30 tanks and (armoured) vehicles will be presented in the NMM arena. The RMM participates with a JS3 and a T72 in order to illustrate the Warsaw Pact. 

The tank event is organized to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tank. One hundred years ago the British indeed introduced the tank on the First World War battle fields. 


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2016-05-18 ... 2016-08-27

Tourgames and adult trail to be downloaded

From May 18 till August 27 the permanent collections safeguarded by the Brussels museums receive the attention they deserve through a large-scale promotion campaign by the Brussels Museum Council. For one hundred days as many top pieces selected by an independent jury are put in the limelight.

One of these top pieces is displayed at the Royal Military Museum. For the entire duration of the promotion period the Battaille Triplane, as well as our other major objects, will be highlighted.

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2016-05-18 ... 2016-08-27

Looking for fun activities during summer break? Come do the new #100Masters games with your family (available: a game for 6 tot 8 year olds, one for 9 to 12 year olds and a visitor’s guide for adults. Everything can be freely downloaded (see below) or can be bought at the reception desk for 0,50 €).

Participants are treated to a fun gadget: a Vlieg heart! The heart actually is a small recorder on which the children can record a message and replay it (1 heart/game).

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2016-08-19 ... 2016-08-25

ou are a photo and art fanatic and you wish to highlight Belgian cultural heritage? Take part in the first edition of Wiki Loves Art Belgium. 

On Wednesday August 24 the Royal Military Museum opens its doors to amateur photographers. The collection pieces pictures will be incorporated in the Wikipedia database under free licence and be integrated in the online articles. The best pictures will be rewarded!

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2016-08-13 ... 2016-08-15

Remarkable women on the battlefield

Thousands of soldiers perished during the First World War. Many Belgian soldiers fell at the infamous Trench of Death. Hundreds of men were wounded there, more or less severely. In field hospitals behind the front line numerous nurses cared for the wounded. The Trench of Death museum weekend is all about these stories.