Map Room

The RMM safeguards one of the most important collections of old maps and atlases in Belgium. The three other institutions keeping such items are the National State Archives, the Royal Library and the National Geographic Institute.

The RMM collection counts over 20,000 Belgian and foreign maps, blueprints of military buildings and atlases, from the 16th till the 20th century. We draw the attention to a unique collection of Belgian, French, British and German trench maps.

Practical information

The map room is only accessible upon appointment. When contacting us, please mention the subject of your research, name and contact data.

Royal Military Museum
Documentation Centre
Parc du Cinquantenaire 3
B-1000 Brussels

Tel.: 02/737.79.31
Fax: 02/737.78.02  - 02/737.79.32

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