Print Room

The print room keeps the RMM’s iconography on paper. The collection consists of graphic work (some 40,000 copper etchings, lithographs, etc.), drawings, water colours (some 1,700 items) of artists known by name. 

The collection, originally a few albums with prints of foreign uniforms, grew (and still increases) through countless donations, e.g. the Titeca, Cavens, Brouwet and de Ribaucourt collections, the latter two focusing on the First and Second Empires in France.

The classification of the collection on paper

The print room collection is organized by country, by historic era and by theme. The attributed works are organized by country, by era (First and Second World War) and alphabetically by name.

Research is still to be carried out through an old-fashioned filing system in the reading room, in which prints are referenced through key word, portrait or artist.
An ever-increasing number of works can be consulted through our online database CollecPro (currently offline).


The Royal Military Museum also possesses a large collection of bills, from the 18th century till the present. It is especially well-stocked for the two world wars.
Reproductions in miniature (5 x 8 cm) of all bills are directly available in the reading room. They are organized by era, country and theme.

The Jubilee park and the Royal Military Museum

The print room also has information on the development of the Jubilee park and the Military Museum.

Practical information

The print room is only available upon appointment. The collection manager  can be contacted through 02/737.79.30 or