Loan-out and deposit

The Royal Military Museum lends objects from its collection to other museums or institutions, for instance in the framework of temporary exhibitions.

The Service for Administrative and Technical Collection Management handles the administration and practical follow-up of such loan-outs.

  • A “temporary exhibition” is an exhibition permanently but temporarily open to the public, lasting at least four weeks, with a maximum length of one year.
  • A “deposit” is a long-term loan-out, lasting at least one year and with a maximum duration of five years, renewable for the same length of time.

Each request for loan-out or deposit is to be addressed to the general manager at least four months prior to the opening of the exhibition.

A loan-out is granted is successive steps:

  • the borrower is first to obtain an agreement in principle, in which the RMM declares itself prepared to participate in the exhibition as the lender;  
  • at a later stage, the actual loan-out will be officialised in a loan-out agreement.


The request for an agreement in principle has to contain following documents:

  1. a short analysis summarizing the aim and the nature of the exhibition
  2. a signed copy of the general conditions for loan-out (document to be obtained upon request)
  3. a technical file or facilities report with information about the circumstances in which the objects will be displayed
  4. a completed information file (document to be obtained upon request)
  5. an provisional list of objects (optional)



Please contact the Service for Administrative and Technical Collection Management

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