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Gunfire opens its doors for Flemish Heritage Day.

(Re)discover the cradle of Belgian artillery. Numerous exhibition areas present campaign, anti-aircraft and trench material.

Special “Open-Door” program: living history, tanks on the move, drinks and book sale.

From 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. - Access free.  

Gunfire - Kwartier West, Kapellei 59, 2930 Maria-ter-Heide (Brasschaat)

2016-08-31 ... 2016-09-10

On August 27 and 28 some 10,000 visitors admired 30 tanks and armoured vehicles coming from Germany, Great Britain or Russia. They dated back to the First and the Second World War or the Cold War, such as the two RMM tanks. A nice commemoration illustrating a century of tank history!



Saturday September 3 - 9 a.m. -2 p.m. (Great Hall / Book Fair)

Big museum publication sale : catalogues, magazines, scientific studies, educational files, ...

Free entrance (only the Great Hall)



2016-07-11 ... 2016-08-31

In June two showcases dedicated to the Belgian military presence in Mexico (1864-1867) in the Historic Gallery were revamped. For reasons of sound conservation the original 19th century pictures, in a sorry state of conservation, were indeed replaced by reproductions. The fragile picture have been transferred to the documentation centre, where they will be safeguarded in good conditions. The showcases themselves have also been treated, as were the medals on display.

One of the showcases is largely taken up by studio portraits of the Belgian volunteers before their departure for...