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2016-11-08 ... 2016-11-30

A temporary exhibition to be discovered in the Royal Military Museum aviation hall.

Till the end of November the Air component presents the 70-year history of the Air Force, from its beginnings in 1946 up till its present-day operations. 


Discover the Military Museum collections through a series of special beers. Then have a taste afterwards at our museum bar, whilst enjoying jazz music by the band Swing Dealers.

Thursday Nov17,  17:00-22:00

3euro/1,5 euro (-de 25 year)

Get a taste for our guided tours!

Discover 6 Museum themes linked to 6 special beers (Bommen en Granaten, Jambe de Bois, Belgica, Spitfire, Hamer en Sikkel and Barbe Rouge Ruby). Each visit will be rounded off by a tasting.

Beware: limited number of openings! Register at the Museum on the evening itself.

Visits in...

2016-11-09 ... 2016-11-16

Because of a technical problem the arcades will be closed this week. They will be open over the weekend (+ Friday 11/11), but the exhibition and the terraces will only be accessible by the stairway (184 steps!).
We apologise for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

2016-10-26 ... 2016-11-15

The Educational Service designed a new tour for autumn break.

The “Antarctica” tour shows children aged 6 to 12 the new permanent section on the support Defence gave to missions on the South Pole. The tour is available in English, French and Dutch.


Two other tours are also available:

  • Masterpiece tour for children 6 to 8 (E-FR-D)
  • Masterpiece tour for children 9 to 10 (E-FR-D)


These tours can be downloaded from our website at no cost. They can also be bought at the Museum reception desk (0.50 €/tour).