Reopening of CEDOC to External Visitors

As of 8 December 2020 the reading room is accessible to all members of the public.

Consultation is subjected to strict conditions in order to safeguard general health.

CEDOC is still operating with a reduced number of staff members on site and the number of seats in the reading room is limited in order to guarantee social distancing. Visitors are therefore required to book in due time. Two full business days have to separate the reservation and the consultation (e.g. reservation on Monday evening at the very latest for a visit on Thursday). There will be no exceptions to this rule. Visitors can indicate the preferred date of consultation and we suggest listing a few options. We will do our utmost to meet all requests.

1° The person wishing to consult documents is to send an email to at least two business days ahead, mentioning the preferred day of consultation. The Document Request Form (link) can be sent simultaneously. Visitors not yet in possession of a readers’ card can also send the Subscription Form (link): visits to the reading room are currently free of charge, but registration remains mandatory. The visitor will receive a confirmation email mentioning the date and hour of the appointment. CEDOC staff reserve the right to limit the number of requested documents.

2° The visitor can use for all information requests. However, reservations sent to this address will not be taken into account. Visitors can use this address to prepare their visits (request for information) or if they need assistance in filling out the document request form.

3° The CEDOC doors will be closed. Please ring the bell. If your name appears on the list a staff member will come and open the door.

4° Please limit the number of bags you bring along, but do bring your own pencil or computer. Pencils will not be available on site.

5° The reader sits at the table designated to him/her. After consultation he/she deposits the used documents on the designated cart or cupboard, that will also be used as “quarantine” area.

6° Xerox cards are temporarily not available. Visitors are to refer to the Adapted Reading Room Rules and the Adapted Repro Fees.