First exhibition of the War Heritage Institute DIEPPE : TRIBUTE TO A RAID

 In the framework of the 75th anniversary of the raid on Dieppe the War Heritage Institute presents its first temporary exhibition: Dieppe. Tribute to a raid. It illustrates a lesser-known episode of the Second World War: the raid on Dieppe on August 19, 1942.

A total of 99 items from the Royal Military Museum collections (Brussels), the city of Dieppe, Dieppe societies and private collectors enable us to retrace the stages of Operation Jubilee. Four complementary zones shed new light on the raid: the historical context and the major military actors, the Belgian part in Operation Jubilee, the war in the media and remembrance. The exhibition will also broach the raid through comic books, with the work by Wallace and Stéphan Agosto.

Belgians in Operation Jubilee

Many nationalities participated in Operation Jubilee and Belgians were largely represented.

On August 19, 1942 Désiré Guillaume was Squadron Leader of Royal Air Force 350 Squadron and Flight Lieutenant Léon De Soomer headed a unit of 174 Squadron. 37 other Belgian aviators were present in the raid.

Belgian seamen were grouped within a special section of the Royal Navy, the Royal Navy Section Belge. Lieutenants de vaisseaux Victor Billet, George Depoorter and Jules Van Dyck participated in Operation Jubilee. Raymond De Wandelaer belonged to the Forces navales françaises libres commando.

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